Here you can view links to all my completed projects, as well as a little description about it.

[Ongoing] Alpaca Cash – Earn coins, redeem rewards. Alpaca Cash allows you to earn money by completing offers. Made with PHP, Bootstrap and a variety of front-end languages.

[Ongoing] My Portfolio – This website. Made with WordPress.

[Ongoing] MiniiCSS – A minimal CSS framework for simple websites. Made with CSS (of course).

[Development Suspended] Essential New Tab – A minimal new tab page made with Materialize CSS. Available for Chrome only (sorry Firefox).

[Unsupported] CSGO Trading Bot – An easy to setup CSGO Trading Bot. No longer supported due to massive Steam API and CSGO item changes. Open source too 😀


I’m working on a few other projects, but they’re top secret at the moment 🙂